Celebrate the Everyday Gifts

Kelli Richards
4 min readJul 14, 2022


a gift of lovely roses from a neighbor’s garden

There’s an awful lot of things that have gone topsy turvy in the world, and every day we get more bad news (sometimes unexpected, often shocking). But if you pay attention, and get better at observing them, there are all manner of good things going on at the same time; sometimes mundane and sometimes miraculous. Keep your eyes open for the good stuff!

I can think of several examples that have happened to me recently; here are just a few:

*I was in San Francisco meeting a friend and I came out to the parking garage to see that someone had backed into a corner of my car — damage to the bumper and scrapes on the quarter panel. I love my car; it’s well cared for, garaged and protected to the best of my ability. So I was quite upset. During the whole drive home, visions of hassles with the insurance company and body shop filled my head; I didn’t need this extra aggravation.

When I pulled into the parking lot near my house to pick up my mail, as fate would have it, two guys approached in a Cadillac Escalade. The guy in the passenger seat leaned out and saw me eyeing the damage to my car. He mentioned they had a mobile business driving through parking lots to help people repair scratches/dings/damage to cars that they otherwise wouldn’t have time to deal with. I was naturally skeptical and suspicious, but something told me to allow him to quote an estimate.

He jumped out, inspected everything (including some scratches on another part of the car not related to this recent incident). He said they could take care of immediately — they had time if I was inclined — and I accepted. Incidentally, I had received an unexpected expense reimbursement check from a client the day before — and the amount this guy quoted me for the repairs was for that exact amount. The resolution was a bonafide miracle if you ask me.

They did a beautiful job on my car, it was all taken care of in less than an hour, to my satisfaction, with virtually no hassle, for a very affordable fee that was basically paid for!

*Despite my best efforts to dodge it, including being double vaxxed and boosted, and wearing masks ad nauseum, my number came up last week and I was diagnosed with Covid (the variants are currently raging as you are no doubt painfully aware). Almost everyone I know has had it at this point. But the good news is that as bad as I felt for several days, once I was put on meds I began to feel better almost immediately, and I’m grateful for it having been a relatively mild experience compared to the horror stories I’ve heard about others who have not been as fortunate.

One of the things that really helped was connecting with a cherished friend. I knew talking to this particular person would give me a boost, and in fact that conversation was its own medicine for the soul given how close I feel to them and how much they energize me. So as simple as it may seem, having a bonding experience can be as healing as any pills or meds.

*A final example is that a mutual colleague recently connected me to a notable and very successful Broadway producer. He felt we had a lot in common and would really hit it off. It took a minute to schedule the call given that introduction was made just ahead of the Tonys weekend. We finally spoke today, and to say that we hit it off would be a gross understatement. The synergies, connections and chemistry between us were resonant throughout the conversation from the word “go”. The wheels were turning and the possibilities were flowing in a way that was nothing short of electric, and yes I’d even say magical to a certain extent.

We both agreed we want to continue the dialogue, continue to get better acquainted and find ways to co-create together in a meaningful way. I was so energized following that call. I have interesting conversations throughout any given week, but sometimes you meet a kindred spirit and tribe member where all the pieces fit — and you just know it. I truly love it when it that happens; it lights me up like almost nothing else, and I’m truly grateful.

So pay attention and look for the flowers growing out of the concrete in your daily round. Life can be challenging, but we can also walk with a sense of positive anticipation wondering how things can happen that seem impossible, and watching as solutions unfold effortlessly. Begin to look around for the good things in your life and be thankful; expect more miracles.



Kelli Richards

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