The Power of Intention in Manifestation

Kelli Richards
4 min readJul 28, 2021


When You Ask for What You Want Be Prepared to Receive It

Don’t be pushed by your problems; be led by your dreams. ~Unknown

Do you realize you have the power to create a reality for your life that lights you up and fulfills you at a deep level? Do you believe that? I do. It starts with your vision and intentions.

Essentially your vision is like an artist’s palette and your intentions are the brushes that allow you to steer and realize what you most want to manifest in your world. There are untold possibilities. Intention fosters power through what you focus your attention on and then fuels the actions you take to bring that intention into physical manifestation and practical realization.

My own belief is that when you’re intentional and you get out of your own way, you can attract and manifest whatever you set your heart and mind to. I’ve experienced this countless times for myself.

As just one example, my beloved car was becoming a money pit about a year ago and it was clear I was going to need to replace it. I immediately set about identifying what car I wanted, the package, the year, the color, the price, and the mileage (range). It was beginning to look like a needle in a haystack to the average bystander.

However, once I set my intention with a very clear picture of the details — the Universe was able to deliver me exactly what I envisioned and the car of my dreams came my way as if by magic, relatively quickly. As fate would have it, a client owed me some money that allowed me to pay for the car in full on delivery so, as a bonus, no car loan and no car payments (!).

There are many great books and resources that provide the tools and a roadmap for you to follow to experience this for yourself. A friend of mine, Jen Mazer, has published a book entitled “Manifesting Made Easy: How to harness the Law of Attraction to Get What You Really Want.”

Jen’s book walks you through the steps in the process of manifesting from identifying what you most want to make happen, to mapping out the steps to realize what you envision, to signaling to the Universe that you’re truly ready to receive the good things that come your way. And then getting out of your own way to allow the magic to happen. She offers a guide and tools for attracting the right circumstances, opportunities, people and resources to realize your dreams.

Here are five tips to manifest your reality across a range of circumstances and outcomes:

*Get clear on what it is you want and why you want it

How will your life (and the lives of others) be improved and enhanced by you receiving what you say you want — and why is it important to you? Be as specific, detailed and thorough as you can about the experience and how you will feel when you have it. What will it enable you to be and do that you can’t today? How will you show up differently in the world as a result?

*Believe in your visions wholeheartedly and release any attachments to the outcome

When you do so, you are living in flow and throw off a magnetic presence that can enable what you want to be realized. You must get out of the way, offer no resistance and believe that it’s not only possible but that you deserve the outcome you seek — and that it’s on its way to you.

Be aware that in so many ways, it’s not really the “thing” you seek but the feeling that having the object or condition would bring into your reality. How it comes to you and the package it shows up in is out of your control, as is the timing. Sometimes circumstances need to align before things can come together for you. That’s where belief, trust and release come into play.

*Live from the mindset that your intentions have already been fulfilled

Imagine that you are already living with the outcome you envision. Really feel into and experience the sensations of it in every way and make it real in your mind. Set it on a tractor beam and affirm that it’s already on its way to you, and then allow the pulling power of your intention to make it a reality.

*Release any resistance that may get in the way of you receiving what you say you want

It’s amazing how often we can get in our own way and sabotage the manifestations of our dreams through fear, uncertainty, doubt and outdated beliefs and negative self-talk and behaviors. We must embrace that we’re worthy of having what we say we want and be willing to receive it.

*Appreciate and acknowledge what you’ve already manifested and celebrate when the things you’ve set your sights on actually show up in your world.

Pay attention both to what seemed random or unexpected as well as to what you set your sights on. This acknowledgement and celebration is so key in honoring the process and attracting more of what you want in future.

In summary: live from vision and intention, believe it’s possible to have what you most want, release attachments to the outcome (especially the how and the when), release any resistance to receiving your good, have confidence that your intentions will bring your most desired outcomes to you, appreciate what you have already manifested, and celebrate what shows up!



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