What Do You Long to Resume Post-Pandemic?

Kelli Richards
2 min readJun 10, 2021


For most of us, life as we knew it came to a grinding halt back in March 2020 when the global pandemic was announced. We all went in to our homes/caves and settled in for a long winter’s nap that has lasted nearly 15 months as of this writing. And MANY of life’s pleasures and most meaningful activities that we took for granted prior, like eating out, socializing with family, friends and colleagues, going to movies/theater, places of worship, concerts, theme parks, sporting events, traveling and adventuring — and much more — have all been suspended for the duration.

As more people are getting vaccinated and hospitalization rates are trending down (at least in the US), more of these things are starting to become possible again — some sooner than later. It’s a slow ramp for many of these things to evolve to a ‘new normal’. It’s interesting to consider what you long to resume in this post-pandemic reality. I’ve noticed over the past month or two in particular that more people are on the road since the shut down, more people are returning to the office (at least part-time with a hybrid model) and more are flying again.

I myself have taken a couple of short flights to visit family and friends — and it’s been quite restorative. At first it honestly felt like I was coming out of a hibernative state, and it took a bit to adjust to being out and about again.

For me, I long to spend time in nature again on a regular basis without having to be steeped in crowds. I’ve written about the healing power of being in nature and forest bathing previously. I look forward to more socializing with close friends and colleagues, going to wineries, having more meals out at some of my favorite restaurants, and traveling to some of my favorite places (like Hawaii). I realize how much I need an infusion of rich experiences to balance my life and to make it feel more meaningful again. These things fuel my spirit, refresh, restore and light me up. And they make life FAR more fun and interesting don’t they?

One friend I know is resuming ceramics class again, another has returned to the gym, another is teaching a ‘live’ digital photography workshop, and yet another is planning a long-awaited trip to Europe. So much of life is starting to open up — what are you longing to resume? What are some things you’ll do to have more fun?